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The archive API can be used to browse, filter, preview, analyze and consume Satellogic's imagery. It's a combination of a STAC API, and data storage.

Archive infrastructure


Raw data coming from the satellites is processed by different processors to generate different products and their associated metadata. This data is stored in our databases and indexed into a catalog for browsing historical records available in the Archive. From there, users can browse, filter and consume the data.

This archive catalog is implemented using STAC standard format and implements full compliant STAC-API. Then, users can use any STAC compatible tool to browse the catalog and consume the data they need from our storage.

The API endpoints can be found at:

Archive content

The archive contains all the data that has been processeded. By default, it containts the QuickView product of each capture, with its data and derived metadata to see what is available and what is not. The QuickView[VISUAL] product is used as the preview element of our archive because of its speed, low compute cost and resiliency to terrain variations, clouds, etc. It's non orthorectified but it is geolocated.

If users find the data that they want but not at the required product level, they can request it using the Processing API(ETA Q1 2024) and it will be processed and delivered on-demand.

The content of the Archive is dynamic and organized in different STAC collections for easier access. Access to different collections, items and assets between the collections depend on the user's authorization and associated permission groups. For example, some collections might be private for certain customers only. Others might be public. Collections are organized by product type. At least a quickview-visual and quickview-toa collections are available. Other collections for different products will become available over time.

Here are a few community and open source tools that can be used to interact with the Archive. Check the Getting Started section on the left for examples and additional information.

Plugins and Browsers

  • Stac browser: a more complex GUI that can be connected to the archive API for browsing it.


  • pystac-client: The powerfull client to connect to the Archive API and use it.
  • stacmap: A simple tool to show the results of a STAC query on an interactive map with previews.

Command line tools

  • stac-tools a very complete set of tools to explore and query and browse the Archive.
  • stac-asset a tool to download assets from STAC.



Last update: 2024-02-19