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QGIS plugin

In order to use the archive directly on QGIS, users should install the QGIS STAC plugin. Unfortunately, as of Novemeber 2023, the public version of qgis-stac-plugin doesn't yet support authorization that is needed to access the archive.

There is a Pull Request proposed by Samweli (thanks!) that addresses this issue that hasn't yet been accepted. Meanwhile we provide here a zipped version of the qgis plugin that users can use at their discretion generated from that pull request.

Please download it from here. Once download, following the following tutorial to install it and configure it accordingly:


First, make sure you uninstall the plugin if it was already installed from the public repository.


Then, install the plugin:


After this, a connection to the API has to be defined in QGIS as follows. Please contact our Customer Sucess team for guidance on how to get your credentials. The URL for the connection should be the standard API endpoint


Where the Header Key should be authorizationToken and the Header value Key,Secret <API_CREDENTIAL_ID>,<API_CREDENTIAL_SECRET>


New Authentication flow is still not supported by the plugin.

Simple Usage

Once configured, the different filtering options can be used to browse the archive as needed.


Filtering data using queryables

STAC Queryables can be used with the QGIS plugin to retrieve the available fields that can be used for filtering and they can be constrained on the plugin UI.


Last update: 2024-04-10