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QuickView Collection



This collection is populated with the QuickView product on it´s VISUAL version. The QuickView product is generated for every scene captured by our satellites and it also contains historical data currently beign ingested. The QuickView scenes are tiled into a 2km by 2km grid in order to be ingested into the archive. There's one STAC item in this collection for each of the tiles generated.



Each tile contains traceability metadata to the satellite that captured it and the capture ID, so it's possible to retrieve all the tiles that conform the original capture if needed. A capture in Satellogic is identified by an outcome_id. This parameter is available in the metadata of each tile as satl:outcome_id and can be used as a filter to obtain adjacent tiles if needed.

Also, given that each tile has metadata associated with the capture and a precise timestamp, if a tile is needed in another product format, it will be possible to order any requiered imagery product from it by going back to the original raw data and processing it accordingly. Please contact our Sales team if any other product is needed. (this capability is not yet publicly available, please contact sales if requiered). drawing

Last update: 2024-02-19